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A February Bride

A February Bride - Betsy St. Amant

Allie Andrews leaves Marcus at the altar, even though she really does love him and want to marry him. She is afraid that she is like the rest of the women in her family who have never had a marriage last longer than three years. Her mom insisted on her using the same wedding dress the other women in the family used, and wouldn’t let Allie decide any of the other wedding details. Allie runs off so she won’t hurt Marcus more later.
Four months later, Allie’s best friend, Hannah, is engaged, and wants Allie in the wedding. That wouldn’t be a problem, but Hannah is Marcus’ sister. Hannah and Allie hadn’t been in touch much since the day Allie and Marcus were supposed to marry. Hannah still doesn’t understand why Allie left Marcus, but misses her best friend. At the engagement party, she sees Marcus for the first time. He still loves her, and doesn’t understand why she left. Eventually, they talk and work through Allie’s issues with commitment.
I really enjoyed this one. I felt sorry for Allie. Her family was really embarrassing, and wouldn’t even let her decide what kind of wedding she wanted. I also liked Marcus, and felt bad for him. He didn’t understand why she left him, and was wary about getting involved with Allie again.

I got this novella from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.